Home with us until they are home with you 

FOHA strives to:

Bring an end to the unnecessary killing of companion animals

Provide a safe haven for abused and abandoned animals

Provide food, shelter, medical care, rehabilitation, and compassion to homeless animals

Find permanent, loving homes for the animals in our care

And most importantly, bring about a time when there will be no more homeless pets and every dog and cat can be guaranteed a loving home

For more information on our adoptable dogs and cats, to volunteer, or to donate, please go to FOHA.

Who We Are

Celebrating our 45th year, Friends of Homeless Animals is the enduring standard for no-kill rescues, saving and improving lives one paw at a time. Over 15,000 cats and dogs have found a safe haven with us since 1973. A no-kill shelter dedicated to saving homeless dogs and cats, FOHA provides rescue, medical care, rehabilitation, and adoption services in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC metropolitan areas.

The animals in our care come to us through no fault of their own. Some have been pulled from “death row” at other shelters, some have been rescued from bad situations, others come to us after they have lost their way home or their owners are unable to care for them. Each dog and cat that comes to us is a member of our family until (and after) he or she finds a forever home with a new adoptive family. Our dedicated team provides the love, care, and attention they deserve until a forever home can be found.

Located on 40 peaceful acres in Loudoun County, our shelter typically houses more than 100 dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Many are mixed breeds—charming “mutts” who make wonderful companions. We also provide shelter for up to 60 cats and kittens in our cattery plus many others in foster homes. Our animals are all spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, and tested (and if necessary treated) for heartworm and other medical conditions. FOHA is dedicated to providing optimum veterinary care to each dog and cat in our care.

For more information on our adoptable dogs and cats, to volunteer, or to donate, please go to FOHA.


From Past to Present: Anne Lewis' Legacy

Judge Anne Lewis became involved in animal rescue in the late 1960’s, when another organization trapped a feral mother dog and her puppies on the family property. After struggling to save them, all were ultimately euthanized by the shelter. Anne, who had been only vaguely aware of the plight of homeless animals prior to this tragedy, joined a series of animal rescue organizations believing she could prevent this from happening to other innocent animals. Failing to find an organization that adhered to a strict no-kill policy, she founded her own organization, Friends of Homeless Animals, in 1973. She devoted the remaining thirty-two years of her life to the rescue and care of homeless animals.  

Over the last four and a half decades, Friends of Homeless Animals has saved and placed in forever homes more than 15,000 dogs and cats who would otherwise have been abandoned or killed. This is the legacy of Anne Lewis.  

For more information on Friends of Homeless Animals, go to www.foha.org or email foha_info@foha.org.

We rely on the support of volunteers and donations of the public to continue our rescue efforts. Friends of Homeless Animals is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your generous donations are tax deductible. CFC Number: 83554. United Way Number: 9822

For more information on our adoptable dogs and cats, to volunteer, or to donate, please go to FOHA.

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